The technology department provides educational technology resources to all staff and students in the Staunton City Schools community.

Students in PreK through second grade are provided managed technology devices and software which is available in the classroom and guided by teaching staff. Beginning in third grade, students are given Chromebooks for use in the classroom, and from sixth grade on, all students are assigned a Chromebook in a customized carrying case for use while in school and at home.

We recognize the importance of internet access in this day and age, so hotspots are available for staff and students to check out through our local media centers. Internet access is filtered through a multi-tiered system for use in school and at home. Parents are provided additional Internet access controls which also allow for additional parental awareness.

The technology department is responsible for

  • network design and management
  • data security and retention
  • cybersecurity
  • student CIPA compliance. (Children’s Internet Protection Act)
  • device procurement, management and repairs
  • components of building security
  • telephones in conjunction with our city IT staff
  • wireless access control for staff, students and our community
Technology Staff