Special Education

All residents in the City of Staunton from the ages of two to twenty-one, inclusive, who have a disability and are in need of special education services shall receive a free appropriate education in the least restrictive environment. Students otherwise eligible must have attained age two and not have exceeded age twenty-one by September 30.

A free appropriate public education is provided to all identified persons with disabilities ages two to twenty-one, inclusive, who live in the City of Staunton or who have been placed by their parents in a private school located within the Staunton City jurisdiction.

The determination that a child is eligible for special education and related services shall be made on an individual basis by a group of qualified indviduals. Staunton City Schools relies on the criteria adopted by the Virginia Department of Education in determining if a student qualifies as having a disability requiring special education and related services.

For more information, please contact the Office of Special Education at 540.332.3934.

Special Education Transition Planning and Coordination