Volunteer with Staunton City Schools

Thank you for your interest in volunteering with Staunton City Schools. Your personal interest and desire to help is welcomed and appreciated. Our youth are our most important community resource, and their education will form the foundation of the future.

Volunteering in any of our schools is a unique and exciting experience and a benefit to both the school and you as the volunteer. Volunteering is designed to promote and maintain a supportive relationship between students, schools, and their community. Volunteers who are committed to helping students be successful are important partners in academic achievement.

The goals of the Staunton City Schools’ Volunteer Program are to:

  • Provide students with individual assistance and attention.

  • Support the educational process.

  • Enrich student’s curriculum and broadening their awareness of and experiences with those who share different backgrounds, resources and talents.

  • Help school personnel with instructional tasks and duties.

  • Provide opportunities for school employees, parents, and community members to share knowledge, talents, and resources with our students.


Step 1: Please view our Volunteer Handbook to orient you to the SCS' Volunteer Program. This handbook outlines what is required of you as a volunteer, and will give you an overview of the various opportunities, policies, and procedures that schools and volunteers must follow in order to maintain a safe and caring learning environment for our students. You may also visit one of our schools to pick up a printed copy.

Step 2: Complete the Volunteer Agreement Application and the Student Privacy Statement and Volunteer Confidentiality Agreement forms (see below) and submit them to the school volunteer coordinator at each respective school or Activities Director (Volunteer Athletic Coach).

Complete the Volunteer Agreement Application

Student Privacy Statement and Volunteer Confidentiality Agreement

Complete the Volunteer Agreement Application - Spanish

Student Privacy Statement and Volunteer Confidentiality Agreement - Spanish


The safety and security of the school community is a top priority for Staunton City Schools. Therefore, for your protection and that of students and staff of Staunton City Schools, the volunteer coordinator will check with the National Sex Offender Public Website which includes the Virginia State Police “Registry of Sexual Offenders and Crimes against Minors” on all school volunteers. Furthermore, anyone convicted of a misdemeanor offense, especially an offense against a minor, may be disqualified from volunteering depending upon the nature/time of the offense and/or volunteer activity. Anyone convicted of a felony offense will not be eligible to volunteer with Staunton City Schools.

Note: Certain volunteer positions including Volunteer Athletic Coaches and Volunteer Mentors must undergo fingerprinting/background checks including but not limited to the Virginia State Police/FBI Background Check and the Virginia Department of Social Services/Child Protective Services. All Volunteer Athletic Coaches must be approved by the Staunton City School Board.

All information obtained in the volunteer application packet and the background check shall be kept confidential. In the event, a background check turns up something that may prevent a volunteer from serving or affect the area in which he or she services, the applicant will be notified.