Gifted Education

Staunton City Schools is committed to identifying and serving those students in kindergarten through grade twelve who demonstrate high levels of accomplishment or who show the potential  for higher levels of accomplishment when compared to others of the same age, experience, or environment.

The gifted education program in Staunton City Schools is based on the school division’s philosophy of encouraging ALL students to be creative and innovative critical thinkers engaged in the learning process. As a result, our ultimate goal is the “development of a total school enrichment program that benefits all students and concentrates on making schools places for talent development for all young people” (Reis & Renzulli, 2009). We seek to provide a consistently challenging curriculum that ensures that our gifted students learn something new and challenging everyday in school  (Winebrenner, 2018).

Click here for more information about Gifted Services in SCS, or contact Jennifer Morris, Instructional Supervisor of Gifted, by email or call (540)332-3920.