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Awesome Websites

ITRT Diigo site: Scroll down and access
Lists on lower right (teacher resources mostly)

Staunton City Portaportals
Math and Literacy Sites   (Interactive, use with students)

Internet 4 Classrooms: Helping Teachers Use the Internet Effectively

The Groundwater Foundation: Kids' Corner 

Multiple Intelligences:Interactive Site

WVPT 4 Learning

Interactive Office 2007 guides

Enchanted Learning

Kathy Schrock’s Guide for Educators

Reach Every Child

Puzzle Maker

Colorful Atlas of the United States

Chemistry For Kids

Biology For Kids

Physics For Kids

Cosmos For Kids

Number Nut

Geography For Kids

Multimedia Tour of the Solar System

Middle School Science Websites



Read, Write, Think 

NCS Mentor

 Math Resources for Math Coaches

Lure of the Labyrinth:

Site with videos to explain how to use the website with students
For the puzzle explanation, scroll down the page to Puzzle Play to hear how teachers use the puzzles in the classroom

Screencast to show an actual puzzle (This download is a large file and may take several minutes to download)

Lessons and Public TV Free Resources

Go  to the webpage, click on Take a Test Drive, on the next screen, scroll down to pick your subject, pick your subject on the next screen as well.  You will then have resources on your subject, lesson plans and videos. 


Whiteboard Games

This Cyberchase link is  a good example of what is available.

This is problem solving, but not necessarily real world (snelfus instead of dollars)….but it is fun!  I could see this done at the smartboard with whole or small group or in the lab as individuals, or perhaps a center.


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